Not to be mistaken: it takes a toll

by hillarymay

I would really like to crawl into bed. It wouldn’t matter if I were wearing sneakers and jeans. I believe I’d fall asleep regardless. Like I were ordering at a restaurant, I’d wish for dreamless sleep. For dessert, I’d order a night without tossing and turning. Can I do that? I only wish I could. I wake up every morning feeling as though I just went to bed, and it proves more and more dissatisfying. Three nights were enough, not two weeks. Why do we have phases like this? I never quite know when to expect it or how long it plans to stasleepy. Staying alert seems so hard. In the meantime, I continue on as I should. That thing called life? yes, its on my list of things to conquer. Right next to my goal of writing a paper that’s due on Friday. I like to think they go hand in hand.

Sleep is looming, and I pray a silent prayer that it has decided to pass along to another victim. I wouldn’t wish this upon anyone. I think too much. I process more than what’s good for me. Worries appear more overbearing than usual, although my thoughts are very, very clear. Everything is laid neatly together, and it’s easier to grasp the issues of life. OH the issues of life. I’d like to toss them in the trash if I could.

For now, I’d like to bury my head under my blankets…shoes and all.