by hillarymay

NYCRain. Rain. Rain. Or rather, mist. A very light mist that can be quite deceiving. At one moment, you’re entirely dry; the next minute, your wet clothes are suctioned to your body. Twice I’ve been mercilessly captured in the rain, awkwardly left to air dry in some cafe in uptown Manhattan. Its a wonder I remembered my boots; flip flops are excellent in the rain except when you’re walking in the city. My feet are throbbing; I needed to find a quick place to sit. 34th to 116th by subway is a trek, not to mention the walk from 90th to 82nd for a scenic central park view.

I must admit: when we arrived in the city, I felt a bit like a fish out of water. I was surrounded by a place that was entirely different from where I had been a few hours before. I have been to the city previously, but I attend a school stationed in the cornfields; it would be surprising to anyone. The business of the city is cringable but lovable. I wouldn’t mind residing in a place like this for a time, and as the wheels were turning, I attempted to convince my sister and brother-in-law to neighbor with me in a downtown apartment. It didn’t take much persuading; their willingness was appreciated. Its rather unfortunate that I have two more years of school. It always involves timing. Patience is a virtue? No, patience is a pain.

So, while I spend the next two years studying at a school that I love, I’ll be imagining the interesting life outside of Upland, Indiana. The only word that comes to mind: perspective. However good my current circumstances may be, I’ll always be thinking of the future.

Well, Rain….lets have another visit shall we?