Don’t go, I’ve got you now.

by hillarymay

There are a handful of things that I would love to share with you, but at this hour, I’m a bit tired and I am afraid my memory will fail me. I was feeling rather panicky when I arrived on campus last week and it wasn’t until this weekend that I began to settle down. All I can say right now is that things are going to be very different this year, which at this point, is a good thing and a bad thing. (Take a little good with the bad, right?) Amazingly uncertain, there are a few things I girlcling to:

1. There is something wrong with my car. I believe a kitten is living underneath my hood

2. I have a secret stash of food in our room that no one knows about

3. The dining commons has left me hungry every night

4. I have some very addictive tendencies. I am being completely serious.

5. I was the only one in airband practice wearing jeans

6. My mood fluctuates at an incredible rate

7. I’m a sophomore and I still feel awkward

Such serious realizations. Its amazing how I get through the day.