by hillarymay

This is way past due. My GRACIOUS. My lack of writing this summer has been positively horrendous. What a shame too, for I love to read through past summer entries. For now, I sit on a large couch, where I’ve been for most of today. The lights are off, and I have Debussy’s classical collection playing in the background. My face feels rather heated, which probably has to do with the reddish tint I received while lying on the beach earlier. I knew I was pale; the lack of outdoor tennis has left me so, and I’m thankful I came inside when I did. I would have felt rather terrible in the morning. Coffee was brewing when I woke up this morning, and I ate my breakfast on the deck. It was rather glorious. I took a nap today as well, and woke up just in time to enjoy some barbecue ribs for dinner. A few movies later, and I’m quite tired again. It was the kind of Saturday I needed. Time to think while taking some time out to rest.