“Fasten your seatbelts, please..”

by hillarymay

I’m sitting at gate C13 in the Charlotte airport. Traveling alone is exciting, even if it’s just a few connecting flights. Conducting yourself in an airport setting is rather easy.. in fact, too easy. Just as long as you follow steps 1, 2, and 3, you’re set. As long as I keep track of my boarding pass, I’m golden, and as long as airport personnel manages your luggage safely…then you won’t have to call your room mate to let her know that her bag has been broken. I speak from experience. Sunday is a light travel day, and fortunately, I did not have to walk far to reach my connecting flight.

I spent the last day and a half in North Carolina visiting my sister and brother in law. The trip was refreshing, although it came at a seemingly emotional time. The turn around from school to the drive down was rather shocking. I had only spent four hours at home before we left, leaving me a bit unrested, both emotionally and physically. Most of you fellow collegers will understand me when I say that finals…kicked my buplanestt, and I was more than exhausted packing up to leave. All I wanted was a nap. Instead, I had several tearful goodbyes, a room to clean, a car to fill, and a bike to search for.

I keep thinking that I’m going to head back to Taylor in a few days. On the contrary, I’ll be moving in to the 260 for the next few months. That fact alone makes me cringe, and I’m already missing the constant communication with my closest girlfriends. None of this matters, however, because where I am at is where I’ll be at for quite some time. I’ll most likely go in hiding this upcoming week; I may or may not be in denial. BUT, I have tonight and tomorrow to look forward to. I have been looking forward to tomorrow’s plans for at least 2 months, and there’s no better person I’d spend it with. All in all, I’m flying in, and will very quickly begin my life post freshmen year.

Let the summer begin? Hm..