Just Accept It.

by hillarymay

rainI am thoroughly convinced that the rain has taken up permanent residence here in Upland, Indiana.

Lets assess this for a moment. I like rain. Scouts honor. However, I’m feeling some doubt from my readers, so I will proceed to list why I smile when raindrops begin to fall against my window.

  1. Rain provides a cooling sensation. When the humidity proves overwhelming, a nice shower of rain is more than heavenly.
  2. Rain provides the perfect weather for naps. Whenever it starts to rain, I like to crawl into my bed and dream the day away, provided by the comfort of falling raindrops.
  3. Rain makes my hair curly. Who doesn’t love the natural wave? Embrace it.
  1. Rain keeps things interesting. Too much sunshine leaves one feeling bored. I may be stepping on toes here, but sunshine is totally unoriginal.
  2. Rain permits me to wear sandals. I’ve created a theory that sandals are the best footwear for rain. Forget rain boots. They are so 2008. You no longer need to mess with damp socks; your feet dry instantly when sporting sandals.
  3. Honestly, I like putting my wind shield wipers to good use. Yes, I’ll admit it.
  4. I prefer to walk to class unprotected by an umbrella. Think about this for a moment. An umbrella, held at the proper height, only invites one person to stand underneath its protective shield. Two people at the most. I like to walk closely next to the person I’m engaged in conversation with. An umbrella stifles relational intimacy. Take it or leave it.

Let’s turn that frown upside down the next time the rain catches you walking outside…in your tennis shoes. Be prepared. Wear the sandals, dismiss your umbrella. A friendly disposition is more inviting when your clothes are wet. Don’t ask me why. I’m only here to state the facts. My last piece of advice? If a bicycle is your mode of transportation during thunderstorms, don’t sit down on your seat. You can ride without sitting. Trust me, it works.