by hillarymay

I was talking with a friend on the phone tonight and to experience some privacy, I began to walk the Taylor loop. I decided to stop and sit on a large stone bench across from the chapel. I was rather cold, so I balled myself up on the bench in order to create some warmth. After twenty minutes or so, I decided to re-position myself. In typical Hillary fashion, I leaned forward on the bench as if I were praying. In a matter of seconds, I found myself wedged between a large rock placed in front of the bench and the bench itself. The bench HAD to of weighed 1000 pounds. I was so startled. I guess I didn’t realize that I was capable of tipping such a giant. I literally could not get up, and I awkwardly set the phone down in an attempt to maneuver my body out of the pin. It was as if I had unknowingly wrestled a bench. It wasn’t fair, it pinned me before I was ready. After a few stifled cries, I managed to pull my arms up. The problem was, my left heel was completely stuck under the leg of the bench and as hard as I tried, I couldn’t release it. So there I was: hunched over in the most awkward position using both my arms in an attempt to pull out my left foot. Mind you, I was still on the phone at this point. I finally managed to yank it out, ripping all the skin off the back of my heel along the way. With this, I limped 10 feet away to assess the damage. As much as I tried, I could not lift the bench up, and I was left with a bloody stump of a heel. I WISH I had been a bystander..

All in a day’s work.