To Katie: the Birthday Girl

by hillarymay

Everything was set in place. All we had to do was wait. I nervously sat on the floor next to our fridge awaiting 11:55 p.m. I was completely dressed, which drew suspicion from Katie and Emily who were sleepily lying on our couch. I had gone for a run earlier and had managed to shower and change in just enough time. Caroline helped to distract the pair as I attempted to sneak out my car keys, shoes, a jacket, a camera, and bandanas. Totally conspicuous (for sure). It was Katie and Emily’s birthday, and thisbirthday1 surprise party was going to be done right.
I ran down stairs to pull my car up to the curb. As I got out, the boys pulled up in front of me, and Salley and Jack got out.

Oh my goodness.

Salley was sporting an aztec war mask, while Jack modeled a warped, old man mask (included with long hair). They looked perfect. As Salley and I climbed to the third floor, I prepped him. This was business. All he needed to do was bang on our door and ask for Katie. He was to drag her down stairs with a bandana over her eyes. The next thing I heard was shouting and screams. I slid to the floor in the stairwell and erupted in silent laughter. The next thing I saw was Salley’s large hand over Katie’s face as he drug her down the stairs. She was shoeless, so I had to run up and grab a pair of shoes. In the meantime, she sat in the backseat of my car, completely speechless. The boys couldn’t stop laughing as Jack brought Emily down, and pretty soon the blind-folded pair were huddled in my car.
The car full of boys drove away and Caroline and I took off. I kept shouting at them not to speak, but muffled squeaks were still heard.

We went everywhere. I even proceeded to leave them at Taylor lake; however, our plan did not go as expected. They actually believed that we would leave them there, and so they lifted up their blindfolds. I was NOT a happy camper. You just don’t DO that. You DON’T break the carnal rule.
As soon as we arrived at the Maloney’s, we led them to the porch in the back yard where everyone was waiting. Ryan and Salley had decorated, and it looked great. In the process of getting the pair into position, Katie thought they were at the edge of water, which produced a few muffled cries and…more silent laughter from everyone watching.
It was such a good surprise. They loved it. We all enjoyed ice cream sundaes and hot chocolate. We sat outside for a long time, and even though it wasn’t MY birthday, I was content.
Katie and I both feel very blessed to have the friends that we have. Each person brings something different to the table, and we compliment one another well. It’s going to be strange not spending time with them over the summer months. Needless to say, Katie admitted to having the best birthday ever. Our president and first lady were even able to visit her during class to sing happy birthday.

Mission accomplished? I think so.