fruit snacks and summer

by hillarymay

Everyone has those moments where they become overwhelmed by what needs to be accomplished. It happens weekly or, realistically, every single day. February has flown by, and it leaves me feeling apprehensive. There are a number of things that need to done before April, and a senstress1se of urgency has begun to kick in. The idea of summer has been heavily on my mind. Ever since October, I’ve heard people talk about their summer plans. Numerous different camp representatives have visited the DC, and I keep getting asked about what I have planned. Sounds strange, being that it’s only February. I keep reminding myself of how quickly time passes; before I know it, it’ll be May and I’ll be preparing for finals.

The problem is, when I start to think about one thing, my mind extends to a bunch of other things. Not only is it summer, but its next year, next J-term, Washington, the following summer.. What phone calls do I need to make? Who do I need to email? Do I need to start filling out applications? Its enough to make my head spin. I’m excited for what lies ahead, but I can’t lose focus of what’s going on now. It’s been such a busy semester. I was anxious to see how these next few months would unfold, and it certainly has brought new things to the table. So, essentially, being responsible is a very good thing. (If only I was more driven), but I can’t let it get to me.