Chicken Noodle Soup, please.

by hillarymay

sick-in-bed1It came upon me like a title wave. I remember lying on our floor next to our fridge, every inch of my body covered in an assortment of blankets. With my eyes closed, I attempted to speak intelligently, but my mind could only comprehend one thing: my aching body. Even as I sat listening to the conversation, I couldn’t stop shaking and contorting my body this way and that. Then there was the subject of my head. It had been pounding since the afternoon, and I was growing tired of the gnawing pain. In a few short hours, I was devastatingly hot. My cheeks were a deep shade of pink, and I felt as if an iron rested upon my forehead. I stood in the shower for 45 min, balancing the hot and the cold that radiated my body. I miserably crawled into bed that night, afraid of how I’d find myself in the morning.

A long night turned into a long morning. I was advised to go to the health center, but I decided to wait. Little did I know, a armed man robbed the hospital the morning I had intended to go, and I was thankful for being stubborn (for once). I caught a fever as the day wore on, and I was left wishing I was home in the presence of my mother’s care. Momma Em kept me medicated, however, and I was grateful. My fever broke on Friday, and I was informed by the doctor that I had the flu.

That night, Katie became sick and caught a fever. We were one sick pair, and as I slowly became better, I was forced to Lysol our entire room. Pretty soon, more and more people began dropping like flies. Hannah. Emily. Zach. Eric. Our wing. Everyone is sick. AH.

I’m still coughing, and I can’t taste my food. I think that is one of the biggest tragedies: the lack of taste. I have so many goodies stored in my room right now that I refuse to eat because I cannot taste them. I keep opening my fridge and reaching for my Girl Scout thin mints but I always pull back remembering that I can’t fully enjoy them. Same goes with my Fig Neutons and my chocolate animal crackers. Every morning I wake up hoping that it will be the day my taste returns. Lord, have mercy.

Getting sick in college. I don’t recommend it. As strongly as I discourage cherry flavored cough syrup. Just say no. Say no to that sickness. Its…as easy as saying no to Lil Wayne and his lollipop.

Ah, sorry.