God Rocks, Taylor Rocks.

by hillarymay

I walked into the chapel this morning and was stunned. Actually, there was a rather large pile up getting into chapel, and as I made taylor1my way to our section, I couldn’t help but gape. It was PACKED. I hadn’t seen the chapel that full since last semester. There wasn’t a seat in the house. Everyone had officially arrived back from j-term trips, and it was one big reunion. Some of you have experienced the excitement and the electricity that occurs when the entire Taylor student body comes together, and I feel so blessed to a part of it. Its slightly incredible. It was as if Airband and MyGen were occurring for a second time. There’s just nothing like it. Even the obnoxiously loud “HEY!” chant for Habecker from Sammy brought loud shouts from everyone in the crowd. Worship was another experience in itself, and the passion from the students was felt. In usual fashion, “It’s MONDAY!” was belted from the balcony at the end, and everyone stood around to catch up with others they hadn’t seen.chapel6

Luckily for me, I saw Ben from afar and upon yelling his name, I ran to give him a hug. A month really was a long time to go without him. I saw the Starbucks in his hand immediately, and knew that we were in for a good semester. Some things never change. More people and more excitement. Even at dinner, I kept putting my plate on random tables to stop and talk. I could share some humorous stories about class today, but all I can say is that I’m not a second semester kind of person.

A new semester, new opportunities, new struggles.