hats and the common appearance.

by hillarymay

Today was a doozy. I remember telling my mother so as I sat on a park bench in the middle of campus, 6 inches in snow. I was wearing jeans that proudly displayed half of my left leg and one of my favorite t-shirts. A t-shirt I won in a brawl after my junior prom. I hadn’t showered in two days, and I wore my Cubs hat to cover the damage. I was feeling pretty gross. I needed to sign and fax a trust fun agreement to my father as soon as possible. So, observing all of my limited resoucubsrces, I walked over to the administration building and timidly walked upstairs. Ah, Tammie Maloney: Dr. Haebecker’s personal secretary. I  had this image of her sitting next to me playing cards at the Maloney household. She wasn’t very good at Up the River Down the River, but I did enjoy her comments and the hesitational one finger (or was it two?) bid. She reminded me of my own mom. After receiving a hug, she took my papers and began to fax them to Pine Ridge. During my time there, I saw Dr. Haebecker walk in and out of his office, and I was introduced to another important man who asked about my Taylor lineage. In the midst of my conversation with him, a single thought came to my mind: “What….am I wearing right now?” I looked terrible and here I was, surrounded by men and women in business suits. Shoot. What have I become? A college student who sleeps, doesn’t shower and never dresses up. A lesson learned. Baseball caps are the best thing since sliced bread. Trust me.