Show me what I’m looking for. Save me, I’m lost.

by hillarymay

Movies. 21 to be exact. 21 movies for j-term. A friend of mine compiled a list a movies for me to enjoy throughout the month. The first film on the list? Sweeney Todd, but that is a whole other story attached with a very in-depth analysis that had me thinking for two days after. Maybe, I think too much? What’s the point in watching a movie without analyzing it?

It had been a lazy Saturday. Our room rearranged, I settled into my extremely comfortable bed and began watching Troy, movie number two on the list. I wasn’t expecting much, I must say. Me and my war movies. Orlando Bloom had me stretched, so I was a little hesitant on the film before I dived in. But boy did I dive in.

The emotion I felt came from left field. I wasn’t expecting to cry. Katie was watching Discovery Health (about a man and a large piece of sausage; the story is riveting), and there I sat, up in the bunk with my headphones, sobbing. I call it my emotional roller costar. During intense parts, I’d start laughing, in which my headphones would come off and it would take me awhile to get situated again. This happened a few times. Apparently I’m the only one that laughs when their nervous because the looks I received were unmistakable.

A terribly sad part arrived and the tears began. I was embarrassed. I was crying during Troy for heaven sakes. I was ok for a little while, being that the most important battle scene of the entire film had yet to occur. In the midst, Caroline and Emily joined our room, and the three of them started watching John and Kate Plus Eight. The battery on my lap top ran low, and I was forced to watch the last scenes of the movie at my desk in which I sat there with a box of Kleenex’s, sobbing. The movie ended, and I had a terrible time gathering myself. Taking off my headphones, I looked over only to be greeted by staring eyes. The words that attempted to come out of my mouth?

“I wasn’t expecting to be taken like that..”

But the words came out in a jumbled mess in which I fell to floor, a crumpled mess of tears and laughter. I was serious, and that surprised me.  I awkwardly dismissed myself from the room in order to gather myself. Why do movies affect me so? I can’t wait for movie number two. My tears are an overabundance.