Floor Invite

by hillarymay

This was the third office I had been to for CT scans. I thoroughly enjoyed the lady that worked with me today; I think I need to start a column review on medical facilities offering CT scans. I am extremely irritable on days like these. Like clockwork, I’m unbearable the moment I wake up in the morning. It’s rather unfortunate. What’s nice about appointments like these is that I can immediately be seen. This particular office even had a wide variety of magazines to choose from. Always a winner. I like to compare it to my favoritism toward coffee shops that offer drinks in coffee mugs. My entire outfit was metal free, causing a comment like, “What exactly are you…wearing?” from my dad a few hours later.

The lady that worked with me was extremely friendly. Easy on the tape, too. Can’t beat that. I’ve mentioned the process of a CT scan on a previous post; the procedure hasn’t change. For some reason, my stomach was feeling a bit strange. And waiting in between shots feels like an eternity. I think about the most random things during those moments. Today, it was the common, “What am I going to do with my life?” question that digressed to “Why does the ceiling look so dirty?” Totally distracted, I was asked to hold my breath for a minute. Haven’t done that before in a scan. She told me that if I couldn’t hold it for that long, I should release the air slowly. Desiring a challenge, I held it for a minute, until the last ten seconds when I was on the verge of passing out. If anything good came from that, it was the fact that I will never be a marine.

I had an uncontrollable coughing fit amidst the next round of scans. My hands were positioned above my head, but I couldn’t stop coughing. She came in twice to make sure I was ok, and I felt rather embarrassed. Apparently the force of the cough causing my whole body to shake was enough to alarm her. After a half hour, I was finished; however, as soon as I stood up, I knew something was wrong. My stomach felt awful. Faster than I had anticipated, I was on the floor clutching my stomach in the waiting room. Apparently, I was extremely dehydrated and the mix of the dye upset my stomach. Silently moaning, I managed to drink down 2 water bottles and felt somewhat better after getting some food in my stomach.

Let’s hope the scans show something positive tomorrow, and that I eventually reach my three year anniversary of being cancer free.